Big Bang 2019

Pack 502 Big Bang Adventure 2019

The upcoming Big Bang event this year is at the USS Lexington in Corpus Christi. Full details and RSVP link are below.

Who: All Pack 502 Scouts and their families are invited to attend
What: USS Lexington Live Abroad overnighter
When: February 23-24 1:00pm – 9am
Where: USS Lexington, 2914 N Shoreline Blvd, Corpus Christi, TX 78402

Sign up genius link:

The RSVP will close on Thursday, December 20 at 8 PM. Please note, no RSVP changes can be made after December 20; the Pack needs to pay for all participants in advance.


The Pack pays for registered Scouts in our Pack. Families will need to cover the cost of any other attendees. All parents/guardians and siblings are welcome; the cost to attend is $55 per person. Please be sure you have turned in your payment by December 20. If payment is not received by December 20, you will not be included in the reservation. This cost includes overnight stay in crew quarters, two meals (dinner and breakfast), self-guided tour of LEX, planned activities on board and admission to the 3D MEGA Theater. Also available at additional cost: The Mess Deck (9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.), Flight Simulator ($5.00 per person) and a coin operated game room.

Participants must be at least 5 years of age.

Packing Tips

Each person must bring a pillow, sleeping bag, toiletries, towel and flashlight. Insect repellent is advisable. Lockers are available in berthing compartments. Each camper should bring a lock to secure his or her valuables and personal belongings.

  • All gear must be carried down one or two steep stairways (ladders), so please pack light/do not overpack. We recommend duffle bags or backpacks, NOT suitcases.
  • Close-toed shoes highly recommended.
  • Male and female berthing areas are separate. Parents if you are visiting with opposite sex children you will need to pack separate bags.
  • There are a few electrical outlets in berthing areas and more are available in the lounge and gameroom.
  • Dinner and breakfast are provided for overnight stays.
  • Dietary restrictions MUST be specified before arrival for accommodation.
  • NO food is allowed in the berthing areas. Please do not bring food items of any kind with you. If your dietary needs require special food you may bring it in an ice chest and we will make arrangements to store it outside of the berthing area.
  • Vending machines are available for snacks in the lounge.

Menu update from the Lexington: For dinner we are serving hamburgers with chips and cookies, lemonade and water for beverages. Breakfast would be biscuits, with a choice of gravy or no gravy, eggs and sausage. If there are any specific dietary needs, please let us know so we can give a heads-up to the kitchen. We will do our best to accommodate!

Sleeping Areas

All campers are assigned specific berthing compartments and must respect the privacy of other campers. Restroom facilities (heads) include showers. Most berthing compartments are climate controlled; however, when all such areas have been filled, campers may be assigned areas having ventilation only. Groups will be required to share berthing areas to accommodate males and females separately. In addition, LEX can hold more than one group at a time and groups may participate in activities together. Please contact the Live Aboard Office if this presents a problem.


Please note, we check in as a group at 1pm. Everyone needs to be there by 1:00. We’ll have a 30 minute orientation, and then will be taken onto the ship to our berthing area to stow our gear. Families will then free time until 4:00 pm, when the Live Abroad adventures begin. During your free time, you can explore the ship, visit the gift shop or coin operated game room, go to the beach and other shops in the area etc. Your Live Abroad pass will gain you access to the ship for 2/23 and 2/24. Our event officially ends at 9 am on Sunday, but your pass allows you access to the ship for the full day.

Arrival Time: The check-in briefing is an important part of your camping experience. Therefore, you are requested to drive in a caravan to have all your vehicles arrive simultaneously. If you must make an exception or if car trouble delays arrival time, please call the Live Aboard Program Coordinator at 361-946-4442 or 1-800-LADY-LEX, ext. 321.

Check in: Vehicles are not permitted on the pier. Campers are expected to carry sleeping bags and other gear on board. The LIVE ABOARD program is conducted in a fun, spirited but military manner. Falling in, stowing your gear and following orders are all part of this unique and memorable experience.

Group ID: Wristbands will be issued upon arrival and must be worn at all times on board LEX.

Simultaneous Events

Due to other activities that take place on board LEX, it is possible that a banquet, dinner/dance, cocktails or other function may take place during your visit. Your group would be asked to stay clear of the event area.

More information can be found at