December Pack Meeting 12/16

DECEMBER PACK MEETING – Pinewood Build Workshop

This month’s pack meeting on December 16 will be held at the Vineyard neighborhood pavilion (same side of Huebner as the school, next driveway to the north).  

The meeting activity is a build workshop for the upcoming Pinewood Derby and will be less formal than normal meetings. If you picked up a car at the last meeting or via the Scout Shop, please be sure to bring it.  If you didn’t pick up a derby car yet, more will be available at this meeting.  If you do not plan to attend the Pinewood Derby this year, this meeting is skippable. Awards will be held for the January pack meeting.  

The meeting starts at 6:30pm and may go later than the normal 7:45pm if anyone wants a little extra time to work. An explanation of how the race works and tips for car building will be done near the start of the meeting. There will be ongoing hands-on help and Q&As throughout.

Attached to this email is a copy of the official Pack 502 Pinewood Derby Rules for 2022.  The same derby information is available online at  As a reminder, the cars will be raced for speed and judged in the additional categories of Fastest-Looking, Most Creative Theme, and Best Overall Design.

JANUARY PACK MEETING – Regular Meeting & Pinewood Car Turn-In

The January pack meeting on the 20th will include Pinewood Derby car inspections and turn-in. Cars will be collected and stored until race day. Please be prepared with completed cars in time for this meeting.


The races will be held on January 29 at the McGimsey Scout Park Sports Pavilion (past the pool on the left, across from the Dining Hall).  Derby setup begins at 12pm with racing starting at 2pm. The event should be complete by 5pm.

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