Pack 502 Events

Pack 502 holds five to seven major events every year to bring Cub Scouts and their families together for fun and learning. Our fall and spring campouts and the annual Big Bang event provide opportunities to have experiences and develop bonds that cannot be replicated in a one hour den meeting a week. All overnight camping is family camping, and we encourage full families to camp with their Scout at Pack events. We host derby events each year for fun crafting competition. The Pinewood Derby is our more formal race with a digital track, multiple heats, and trophies for the winners. When time allows we hold a more casual competition later in the scout year. The Raingutter Regatta has air-blown boats running in water tracks, and the Space Derby suspends propeller-driven ships along raised strings.

Fall Campout

The Fall Campout is usually held in early November at a Texas State Park. This event is often the first camping experience for Cub Scouts or even the first experience for their families. Dens are encouraged to work on outdoors-related advancements, camp cooking and safety. Activities planned for a variety of experience levels help guarantee success.

Spring Campout

The Pack goes on a Spring Campout in mid-April every year, often staying at the Guadalupe River or Inks Lake State Parks. The spring camping trip is a great time for the boys to practice the skills they’ve been learning all year. A special campfire program is held at this campout for Cub Scouts ranking up to their level. Webelos who plan to move on to Boy Scouts can participate in a formal Crossover ceremony.

Big Bang

Pack 502’s Big Bang is a special highlight event intended to provide a rare experience for the Cub Scouts and their families. We visit unique places like the Houston Space Center and the USS Lexington. Scouts may get to go horseback riding or sleep with shark. A different destination is selected each year, and overnight events are family events like all Cub Scout campouts.

Pinewood Derby

At a meeting in the fall the Pack provides a single, official Pinewood Derby car kit to each Cub Scout as part of their membership. Boys work on their cars over the following weeks and the holiday break, and the Pack 502 Pinewood Derby races are held usually in mid-to-late January. This is our formal race event where fair competition is stressed as much as the fun. Submitted cars must meet the official size and weight standards, and race times are digitally recorded for accuracy. There are always very close races, and the fastest cars are determined by fractions of a second. Trophies are awarded for design and speed, with separate categories for different age groups and topics such as “Most Scout-like,” “Most Patriotic” and “Fastest Looking.”

Raingutter Regatta

As one of our last events in the year, the Raingutter Regatta usually runs as a more casual for-fun event in May. Boys are given their official Racing Trimaran kits at a prior Pack meeting as part of their membership. The boats can be decorated for any theme or style. The Scouts race their creations down the water channels by blowing behind the sail with an optional straw.


We’ve added STEM/Nova to Pack 502’s program this year. We had a STEM kick-off event this summer, and a schedule with details of future events will be posted once it’s available.