Health Forms

In continuing with the Pack’s mission to provide a safe and fun scouting experience, members of our leadership team have been taking additional training courses, including first aid and CPR/AED. We have become aware that the BSA health forms are not just for use at national and council events, but should also be used for Pack events like campouts.

In order to participate in pack campouts, we need to have a current health form on file for everyone participating, including parents and siblings. The Parts A and B of the national BSA health forms need to be completed and turned in in advance of the outing. While there is an immunization section in Part B, we only need information on the most recent tetanus vaccination.

This information will be securely stored, and will only be shared as needed with registered leaders in order to provide a safe outing experience for everyone. In case of emergency, this form will be provided to EMS in order to assist them in providing the best care possible.

At the end of the program year, you may pick up your family’s health forms. Any forms remaining after 7/31 will be shredded.