Information for Parents

An Introduction to Cub Scouting

Cub Scouting is a year-round family-oriented program designed for both boys and girls who are in kindergarten through 5th grade. Scouting uses a fun program to promote character development, citizenship training, leadership, and mental and physical fitness. Cub Scouts get to visit interesting places and discover new skills. They build self-confidence, wear cool uniforms that display their achievements, and develop strong friendships with the other Scouts they adventure with. Scouting provides youth with an opportunity to try new things, provide service to others, and reinforce ethical standards and their understanding of community.

Cub Scouts are for boys and girls in the kindergarten through fifth grades (generally ages 5 to 11). New Scouts can start any time and are grouped into Dens with their peers at the same grade levels. The ranks are split into six levels:

Lions Kindergarten
Tigers First Grade
Wolves Second Grade
Bears Third Grade
Webelos Fourth Grade
Arrows of Light Fifth Grade

The program is designed to support youth as they age up through the ranks with more mature activities available progressively in the older groups. Scouts joining in the later grades do not have to go back and earn the younger badges; the essential materials are reinforced at all levels.

About Girls in Scouting

In 2018 Cub Scouts became available for both girls and boys. This addition helps to meet the needs of today’s families. The BSA organization received overwhelming requests from families with daughters interested in the Cub Scout program, and independent research showed 90% of parents not involved with the BSA expressed interest in getting their daughter involved in programs like Cub Scouts. The values, character, and leadership skills taught through Scouting are relevant and valuable for the entire family.

Pack 502 has always been a family-focused Unit. Many of our Scouts have siblings who do not participate formally in the program but do attend meetings, campouts, and complete the same activities. The only real change to our program is that now the girls of Cub Scouting age can also be recognized for their achievements with uniforms and ranks. Girls in the Cub Scouts are grouped into Dens separate from the Boys, but we coordinate activities closely at every age level to insure everyone is provided the same program.

Pack Location

Pack 502 meets at the Vineyard Ranch Elementary usually on the third Thursday of every month. Roughly half of our membership is comprised of Scouts who attend Vineyard Ranch Elementary, with the other half coming from other public, charter, and home schools in the area. Any youth willing to take on scouting adventures is welcome.


Den meetings are usually 1-3 times per month, and the schedule is set by the parents in the den. Meetings are usually about an hour long. Dens are made of scouts in the same grade, typically 5-8 scouts.

Pack meetings are held once a month, on the third Thursday. We meet in the Vineyard Ranch Cafeteria from 6:30 – 7:45. Packs are made up of all six dens, kinder through 5th.

Total time commitment for this program is roughly 4-6 hours per month, excluding campouts and other additional events, which are optional.

Uniform Requirements

Pack 502 is a “waist-up” Pack for the standard field uniforms (Class A). That means we require a uniform shirt, neckerchief and slide for formal functions. Hats are optional outdoors, and the uniform belt shorts or pants are not required. Scouts of Tiger, Wolf, or Bear rank who wish to display their belt loop achievements will need a scout belt. A scouting-related t-shirt is commonly worn as an activity uniform (Class B) at outdoor functions or while camping. For more information on field uniform, visit the Pack 502 Uniforms page or’s Uniform information.

Parent Involvement

Parents need to attend all den and pack events with their scout. You can help your scout get the most out of the program by encouraging attendance, assisting with your scout’s advancement, attending meetings, and assisting the unit when called upon to help. The unit cannot provide a quality program without your help. Cub Scouting parents of Lions or Tigers are required to serve as adult partners, directly helping their Scouts grow through completion of advancements.

The pack has a volunteer sign up sheet and each family is expected to participate. The opportunities range from small task such as putting out signs and clipboards at meetings, to joining our Pack Committee and helping to plan our annual pack program. There is something for everyone!

For more information on field uniform, visit the Pack 502 Parent Involvement page.

If have any questions about Pack 502 please send an email to