Pinewood Derby Tomorrow!

Here are the final details for tomorrow:

  • Time: Saturday, January 23 6:30pm – 8:00pm
  • Location: McGimsey Scout Park – Sports Pavilion/Outside (10810 Wedgewood Rd)
  • Attire: Class-B – Pack T-shirts

Arrival Procedures:

  • Use the main gate by the ranger’s house (the main one we’ve been using for most events lately). This gate will be open, no code needed.
  • Check-in is at the Sports Pavilion parking lot.
  • Please remain in your vehicles to complete the required temperature checks. We’ll have a touchless/laser.
  • For anyone who did not complete the COVID waiver last night the Cubmaster will collect that from you.

COVID Rules to Follow:

  • Masks must be worn 100% of the time when outside your vehicle, or if windows are down. (Covering mouth and nose.)
  • Temperature checks must be completed, per Council policy
  • Signed COVID waivers for everyone attending is required, per Council policy
  • 10 person limit in gathering (10 people inside building, 10 people outside in parking lot). If your scout is not currently racing, please remain in your vehicle.

Derby Procedures This Year:

The derby will run 4 groups of 4. The first race will begin at 6:30 with group 1. There will be a sign outside of the building indicating which group is being called up to race/currently racing. It will also be announced through Zoom (see Join Zoom Meeting section.) The 1st place winner from each den (not race group) will compete in the overall Derby Championship race, plus the next two fastest cars from the whole pack, for a total of 8 cars in the Championship. This portion will run following group 4, so please hang around in case your scout races again.


Please note that we will have 4 people in the building to run the derby. Help us by limiting the number of spectators in the building to 6 to maintain the 10 person limit. The track will be set up near the bay doors so additional spectators can watch from just outside of the building. (Please only come up to watch from the bay doors if your scout is racing, in order to limit the number of people outside the building to 10 as well.)


Trophies will be awarded after groups 2, 3, and 4 have finished racing, and after the Championship race. If everything runs smoothly, we expect each group to take 10-15 minutes. All cars will race once in each lane, so each group has 4 heats. Award presentations and changing out spectators will happen after each set of heats is complete. We are expecting to conclude the race around 7:45 or 8:00.


Zoom meeting information has been emailed to everyone. The races and announcements will be broadcast on the Zoom feed.


Everything Else:

  • Be prepared for the weather. It may rain some during the event.
  • The nearby campsite bathroom will be open and available.
  • Please note, no refreshments will be provided this year due to COVID.
  • Additional set-up and take-down help will not need needed this year to comply with group number restrictions.