Scout Accounts

Dues – A Scout Earns Their Way

In lieu of charging a flat rate for dues, our Pack is transitioning to individual Scout accounts this year, allowing each Scout to earn their own way in Scouting, further supporting character development. A Scout will only pay for the adventures he or she participates in.

Funding the Scout Account

The Scout account can be funded in a combination of two ways:

  • Scouts participate in annual Trails End popcorn fundraiser
  • Families may provide funds to the pack treasurer to be placed in the Scout’s individual account.

How It Works

  • Dues are not required to be paid immediately at the beginning of the program year.
  • Scout accounts will have any earned popcorn commissions credited to the account by October 16
  • Each Scout’s account will need to be current by the October pack meeting on the 17th
    • If a Scout does not have enough popcorn sales to cover the expenses to date, then funds will need to be deposited with the pack treasurer.
    • Scout account will be charged $175 by October 16 in order to cover council dues, den supplies, pack community expense, and adventure loops. Any other expenses will be charged to the account as incurred.
  • Funds remaining at the end of the program year will roll into the next program year
  • Scout accounts may be used for the following:
    • Any pack expense, including the items outlined in the above example
    • Neckerchief, slide, handbook
    • Any Alamo Area Council event
    • Uniform shirt, pants, socks, hat, and belt are eligible only in the first year joining the pack, and when the Scout transitions to Webelos in 4th grade.
    • Boy’s Life magazine
    • Field trips, such as the NASA trip. Funds may be used to pay for Scout and any immediate family members attending.
  • If an Arrow of Light has funds remaining at the end of the program year, those funds may continue to be used until July 31 of the program year when the Arrow of Light award is earned. (i.e. the funds may be used for a Scouts BSA camp if submitted by July 31)
  • Any funds remaining in a Scout account after July 31, and where the family no longer has any Scouts remaining the pack for the following year, will be allocated to the pack’s general fund.
    • Funds will not be distributed to a Scouts BSA Troop
    • Funds will not be distributed to the Scout
    • Exception – if the account was only funded by parent contributions, the funds will be returned at the end of the last program year. Funds from popcorn sales cannot be distributed out.
  • Families with more than one Scout in the Pack
    • Each Scout, including sibling Scouts, will have their own Scout Account
    • Each Scout’s portion of the popcorn commission will go to their separate accounts
    • Funds can be moved between sibling accounts, and will be done automatically if a Scout’s account would otherwise go negative
    • When the oldest Scout ages out of the Pack, any remaining funds in that Scout’s account at July 31 will be transferred to the sibling’s account
  • In the event there is a circumstance not covered in the above guidelines in how the Scout account may be used, the Pack’s Key 3 Leadership Team (Charter Organization Representative, Pack Committee Chair, and Cubmaster) will review the issue and make the final determination.

Popcorn Commission

When a Scout participates in the popcorn sale, 37% of their sales proceeds are allocated to their individual Scout account. These funds are used to cover expenses such as their annual dues to Council, program expenses, etc.

The cost for a year of Scouting adventures is estimated at $350-$400 per Scout for the 2019-2020 program year. For example:

Average Annual Expenses

Neckerchief 9.99 $100 in Sales
Slides 5.99
Rank Patch 1.99
Adventure Loops/Pins 9.73
Dues to Council 33.00 $200 in Sales
Den Supplies 20.00
Handbook 16.99 $300 in Sales
Cyber Chip Patch 2.67
Pinewood Derby 4.50
Council Events 15.00 $500 in Sales
NASA Campout – Scout 69.95
NASA Campout – Parent 69.95 $700 in Sales
Pack Community 112.24 $1,000 in Sales
Estimated Total Expense 372.00