What to Expect as a Scout

Fun Outside

Scouting is usually known for its outdoor focus, and for Cub Scouting that means day hikes and camping. The related basic skills needed for those activities are taught over the course of the program, including planning, safety, pocket knife use, fire building, outdoor cooking, tent management, and care of the environment.

Fun Inside

Cub Scouting also includes many fun indoor activities throughout the year. Meetings often have puzzle and game activities for fun learning. Scouts make things with crafts, and there are wood building projects to complete. Every year scouts can craft Pinewood Derby cars they use to compete in a big track race. There are opportunities to participate in funny skits and perform flag ceremonies.

Places to Go

A collection of Adventures are completed by scouts each year by doing activities with their dens. Those activities include visits to places in the community like fire stations, animal shelters, or the Alamo to learn about what they do and mean to the community. Over the summer there are Day Camps for cub scouts wanting camp-style activities without the overnight component. There are always lots of games and crafts at camp, swim time to cool off, and cub scouts can practice shooting sports like archery and BB guns.

Things to Do

Scouting is also about doing things that improve yourself and the community around you. Scouts learn about being a good citizen and a good friend. Throughout the year there are opportunities for scouts to do service activities like Scouting for Food, clean-ups, and holiday flag displays.
Last Updated 8/25/2022