Youth Protection Training

Required Training

As part of the adult leader on-going training, all BSA leaders are required to complete Youth Protection Training every year with the Alamo Area Council. We monitor all of our leaders to make sure everyone has a current YPT certification.

YPT requires two deep-leadership anytime we’re working with our youth. This means that a Scout is never alone with only one adult (leader or otherwise) while at a scouting event. And at least one of those adults is YPT certified.

Our pack committee believe it is in the best interest of our scouts to have at least one adult from each scouting family be certified in YPT. The training is free, and can be accessed through the website. We are asking each family to please complete the training by the October pack meeting, prior to our first campout.

If your scout is selling popcorn at one of the pack-sponsored show and sells, and there is another Scout present, two adults must be present at all times. At least one of you must have a current YPT certificate on file with the pack.

YPT – How to Access

  1. Create an accounting at
  2. Once logged in, click the Youth Protection Training logo on the top right (silver circle)
  3. Scroll down the page until you see the box Youth Protection Training – Mandatory v2
  4. Click the blue button +Add Plan, then click the heading Youth Protection Training – Mandatory v2
  5. Complete each of the four parts by clicking the blue buttons on the right for Launch Course
  6. After completing YPT, send a copy of your completion certificate to

Returning to Training Later

  • If you need to complete part of the training at a later day, simply login to, and click on the BSA Learn Center on the right. Once redirected to ScoutingU, select My Learning from the menu choices at the top. This brings you to the page where you can access all the training plans where you clicked the blue button +Add Plan (see YPT #4 above, or Leader Specific Training #6 above).
  • You can take any other trainings you are interested in simply by reviewing the course catalog, and selecting the blue buttons +Add Plan